About Us

Painting contractor, Stan Papa, founder of Gold Coast Painting, Inc., started painting in the Navy, when he served as a boatswain’s mate. After he was discharged, he continued working in the painting industry for six years. During this time, he learned that providing quality work and operating in an environment of integrity earned referrals and was a great way to grow a business. This ideology matched his personal values.

In 1986 Stan decided to establish Gold Coast Painting, Inc. in Ventura County and bring all that he learned along with him. In an industry where unethical behavior is far too common, Stan built Gold Coast in what he likes to call “an environment of integrity.” Customers receive high-quality painting for a fair price. Painters receive fair compensation and respect on the job. Suppliers get honest dealings.

In 1994, Stan married Caryn, and they have been raising their two children and running Gold Coast Painting ever since.