Kitchen Cabinets Paint Job - Residential - Oxnard, California

by Caryn Papa executive staff

Kitchen Cabinets - Residential - Ventura County

These kitchen cabinets, in an Oxnard home, were beautifully transformed.  The homeowners wanted to update their kitchen by giving it a more modern look. They achieved this by painting the cabinets white, which revitalized the kitchen immensely.  The crew at Gold Coast Painting, spent a good amount of time sanding down the cabinets to remove the old material.  Next, they sprayed them with an oil base primer, and an exterior paint to follow, which gives the cabinets durability.  Wow, what a bright and impressive kitchen to cook and entertain in!  Is it time for you to update your kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets

Oxnard Interior Kitchen

Oxnard Kitchen Cabinets